About the boards


A chalk board and a magnetic board in one? It’s possible! Check our products! Our magnetic-chalk boards are a novelty on the Polish market. They are a great choice for children of all ages. For the youngest children they will be an interesting object to observe on the wall. Older children can draw on them with chalk and attach colourful magnets. Teenagers will be able – thanks to strong, neodymium magnets – to attach photos or cards with important information to them. Thanks to our magnetic-chalk boards, children develop manual skills and stimulate creativity. Their form is simple, minimalist and unobtrusive. The boards are a beautiful element of the children’s room decoration, held in a modern style, in the style of Montessori.


All boards you will find on this page are handmade products made in Poland. They are made in our workshop. Each one is hand-made with the greatest possible care and attention. Thanks to that each board is unique, one of a kind. Boards are solidly made, cut out of thick mdf board, painted several times, with the best quality magnetic and board paint.


Our boards are 2-in-1 product. They have magnetic and board properties. The boards have magnetic properties, they are painted with magnetic paint. Thanks to this, lightweight magnets can be attached to them. In our offer we have ones that are ideal for it. The right choice will also be very strongly attracting neodymium magnets, which are able to hold several sheets of paper on the surface of the board.

Boards are also chalky thanks to the use of board paint. Using soft chalk – also available in our offer – every child will fulfil his or her artistic visions.


The design of our magnetic-chalk boards is based on minimalism. The shape of each board was designed by us with the greatest care. Only at our store you will find boards in unique, unrepeatable shapes, different colours and sizes, which will fit perfectly into the decor of every child’s room. In our assortment you will find magnetic-chalk boards in various desired top shapes such as: house, bunny, cat, bear, whale, car. Choose your favourite pattern of the board! If you have an idea for a different shape of the board – write to us. We will try to meet your expectations, personalize the board and make a free design.


The colours of the boards are pastel. They have been matched in such a way as to fit perfectly into modern, modernist, cosy, stylish children’s rooms. Regardless of the colour of the magnetic-chalk board, each of them can be painted with chalk and each of them will hold the magnets.


Magnetic-chalk boards are great fun for your child. They are multifunctional. The youngest can draw on them with chalk and attach magnets to them. Their form will help to develop children’s manual skills, stimulate the creativity of small and big artists, become a beautiful decoration of a child’s room or a family information board. There are many possibilities of their application. Stop with painting walls with crayons!

Thanks to our magnetic chalkboards your child will begin to fulfil his artistic visions only on their surface. Encourage your child to paint only within the board. Thanks to this, he will learn patience, train the precision of making drawings and motor skills.

Colours. In this store you will find ready-made board designs in various sizes, in seven colours: black, white, light grey, dark grey, mint, pink, turquoise.

If you are interested in a different design or size, please send us a message at kreatokidz@gmail.com or call us (512 130 006), we also make boards on order. If you want to complete a ready-made set, have a look at the “accessories for boards” bookmark, we have prepared several sets of magnets and chalk that perfectly match our boards.


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