set: chimney house (65×80)& 3 clouds


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Boards in the shape of a CHIMNEY HOUSE and THREE CLOUDS has been precisely cut out and carefully painted with magnetic and board paint, so that it can be painted with chalk, light magnets can easily attach to it.

SET contains:

board CHIMNEY HOUSE, size 65X80 cm

board CLOUD, size 29×16 cm (big one)

board CLOUD, size 20×11 cm (medium one)

board CLOUD, size 14×8 cm (small one)

The boards are MAGNETIC-CHALK.

Material: MDF,

plate thickness: 8 mm.

We recommend using lightweight magnets with a magnetic material (e.g. magnetic tape) on the reverse side of the component. Strong magnets, e.g. neodymium or ferrite magnets, will also be a good choice. Heavy (clay, porcelain) magnets will not stick well to the surface of the board, they may slip.

We recommend magnets, chalk and chalk markers available in our shop in the “accessories for boards” bookmark. We are not responsible for how the boards other than those that we offer work with our magnets, chalk and other accessories.

Assembly with double-sided foam tape and/or glue or hooks (hooks included) for self-screwing.

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